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Coarse Suede Woodsman's Viking Tunic

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Viking Warrior Clothing Size Chart

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Size Guide
Clothing and Shoe Size Guide

Viking Warrior Clothing Size Chart

shoe sizes


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This unique Tunic is perfect for anyone who loves the medieval or Renaissance era.  The Vest is made of high-quality faux leather and features a lace-up drawstring closure. 

  • Colors Available: Black and Brown
  • Suede Fabric
  • Unisex
  • Neck Type: O-Neck

Most people image hefty furs and animal skins when they think of Viking clothes. Viking shirts, on the other hand, were fashioned of a tough material that could survive the elements.

This was crucial because it kept people warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The fabric was also breathable, ensuring that people did not overheat. As a result, Viking shirts were ideal for people who worked outside.

Viking shirts were more than just a piece of apparel; they were also loaded with symbolism. The color of a Viking's clothing, for example, may reflect their social rank. Shirts composed of richer fabrics, such as silk, were worn by wealthier Vikings, while coarser fabrics, such as wool, were worn by poorer Vikings.

Furthermore, the motifs on a Viking's shirt may signify their job or social rank. A Viking fighter, for example, might wear a garment with a wolf motif, whereas a Viking farmer might wear a shirt with a cow design.

Vikings' clothes reflected not just their individual identities, but also the larger civilization in which they lived. People wore Viking garb to display their commitment to their group or clan.

It was also a means of displaying one's wealth and rank. Viking attire served as a means for people to demonstrate their identity and social status in a variety of ways

Viking shirts were significant because they were both functional and fashionable. As a result, they became an important element of medieval society. People would have had to wear clothing that was either unpleasant or impractical if Viking shirts had not been invented.

Viking shirts allowed individuals to live more comfortably and express themselves more freely. As a result, they became a very important piece of medieval apparel.

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