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Viking Wide Leather Armor Belt

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Introducing the Viking Wide Leather Armor Belt! This sturdy belt is perfect for anyone looking to add a little extra flair to their wardrobe. Made of high-quality synthetic leather, it is available in four different colors: black, red, auburn, and green. Wear it to embrace the Viking lifestyle, this belt is the perfect accessory. 

The viking custom was to give a belt to their leaders. It was a way to show respect to them. The belt given by a viking was a sign of trust.

Belts protected when vikings were fighting. When vikings were in their longships, they needed to be able to move quickly, and the belts helped them do that. Unisex belts were a must in the medieval days. Men and women both wore them.

In fact, belt design was not gender-specific. Women and children wished to have belt that were just as ornate as the men's. However, men were the only ones who could wear a belt with a large buckle. This was because only men were allowed to carry weapons.

Women did not agree with this, and they found ways around it. They would wear a belt with small knives hidden in them. This way, they could defend themselves if they needed to.

Belts became less practical as armor changed. Plate armor did not need a belt to hold it up. Even though belt design has changed over time, it is still a significant part of many people's wardrobe. It is a fashion statement, and it can be a sign of status. Wearing a belt is a way to show that you are proud of your heritage.