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Dragon Metal Viking Bracelet

Stunning handcrafted dragon bracelet or torc.  Robust and making a statement - eye-catching and unique.

There is no question that Vikings were a powerful people. Not only did they have the strength and courage to explore new lands, but they also had the metalworking skills to create some of the most impressive weapons and armor in history.

One of the most important metals in Viking culture was Dragon Metal. This element was so revered that it was used to make some of the most powerful weapons and shields in Viking culture.

Dragon Metal was said to be the tears of dragons. It was a powerful and rare metal that was used to make Viking weapons and shields. This metal was so rare that it was only found in a few places in the world. The Vikings who had this metal were said to be the most powerful Viking warriors. They were also said to be able to withstand any attack. However, there is no evidence that this metal actually exists.

Some people believe that Dragon Metal is a myth. Others believe that it is a real element that has yet to be discovered. However, there is no concrete evidence to support either claim. Whether Dragon Metal is a real element or not, it is clear that it had a significant place in Viking culture. Norse Paganism & Viking Mythology: Dragon Metal (2019) points out that this metal was a symbol of power and strength. It was also a symbol of the Viking way of life. This metal represented everything that the Vikings stood for.

Valhalla, the Viking afterlife, was said to be made of Dragon Metal. This was a powerful symbol of the Viking belief in the afterlife. Shield Maiden, a Viking woman who fought alongside the Vikings in battle, was also said to be made of Dragon Metal. The nordic dragon, a powerful creature in Viking mythology, was also said to be made of this metal. Ultimately, Dragon Metal was a symbol of everything that was powerful and significant in Viking culture.

- Zinc alloy

- One size fits all