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Savage Berserker Totem Bear Fangs Ring

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This Bear Fangs Ring is forged in steel and comes in sizes 7-13 with elaborately detailed fangs.

  • Metal: Steel
  • Sizes 7-13

The berserkers of ancient Germanic communities were great warriors said to wear bearskins when they battled (the word is likely derived from the combined words for bear and shirt), and who, like many other warriors, were said to revere Odin most.

Berserkers were bodyguards of kings or of the most fearsome Vikings, and accounts of them claim they were overtaken by fury in battle, and roared, bit their shields, and frothed at the mouth, inspiring terror in their enemies.

In Norse folklore, it is also said that during Odin’s and Thor’s visits to the human world, the gods would appear disguised as bears. Widely worshipped in Viking Times wherever they appeared around the world, bears were also said to symbolize strength, wisdom, healing, and a balance between Valhalla and Midgard. 

Let this bear fang ring remind you to be curious as well as strong, and embody the virtues of the gods.