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OLD Viking Drinking Horns

Viking Drinking Horns

During the late 8th and early 9th centuries, the Vikings lived in Scandinavian countries. The Vikings progressed from being a small group of warriors to becoming a mighty empire. It was during this time that they used horns. The horns are an essential part of Viking culture and are often associated with Nordic mythology.

The Vikings were fierce warriors who would fight for Britain, Ireland, Russia, and France. They would use their horned helmets and longships to sail the seas to plunder towns and villages. They will also make raids on places such as southern England and Northern France. Viking horns were very popular in Scandinavia as they were made of bronze or silver with precious stones or gold inlay decoration.

TheViking Horn had a long and interesting history, from their earliest use as part of decorations to their use to signal the ships. The horns were used for many purposes, and often they were worn by men as part of the show off their wealth and status, even for everyday wear at times.

Some of the horns were made with decorations, and others had silver inlaid with precious stones or animal designs. The Viking Horns are symbolic of the Vikings and are a great piece of Viking Art and Craftsmanship in themselves, a symbol of the Viking culture. The Horns were used for different purposes and in different ways, to drink, for battle, to worship Odin, and for communication.

Drinking Horns

TheViking drinking horn was used by the Vikings during feasts and ceremonies. They had a wide mouth, cut into a bowl shape. Some drinking horns had simple designs and decorations, while others were more elaborate. The drinking horns varied in size and weight.

These horns were made of bronze, silver, gold and sometimes other expensive material . Some of the drinking horns had gold inlay decorations such as a spiral motif or animals and plants. The drinking horn was used by the Vikings to drink ale, mead or other fermented beverage, and it was also used by Viking priests to administer sacred potions. The drinking horns were seen as a very important and prestigious possession.

As the Vikings were ferocious fighters, the drinking horns were widely used in battle. The men would drink from a horn before going into battle as it was believed that would give them the strength and power of a bull. The stories say that every time a Viking drank from his drinking horn he must drain it so that it could be correctly be refilled.

TheAle Horns are the most common of these drinking horns. They are made of shaped animal horns. These were cut into a short narrow channel and reinforced with a metal rim. This meant that the outside could be decorated with designs such as etchings or animal designs. The Ale Horns had a handle on the top so that they could be easily held while drinking.  We still have the Ale Horns today.The horns were found in Denmark or Scandinavia and they were dated to the late 8th century. They are an incredible display of Viking art and craftsmanship.

Viking Blow Horn

The Vikingblow horn was blown by the Vikings to alert the other ships of their presence. This was used when they were using their Viking longships to navigate through a dangerous area. The signal was given by two horns, one horn was called 'the signal horn,' which made a short blast, and the other was called 'the warning horn,' which made a longer blast. These horns were often made of bronze or silver and sometimes gold.

The horns were also used in battles to warn the Viking ships that Vikings were coming close. When the horn was blown, a signal was given to all the other Vikings to prepare for battle. During the battle, the horn would be blown by Viking captains or a trumpeter. The horns could also be heard from long distances as they were very loud and they had a deep sound.This was used to alert the Vikings that they were being attacked.

The Vikings blow horn was also used in religious ceremonies. They would blow the horn before a sacrifice was made to honor Odin. The priests would blow the horns before the sacrifice to encourage and inspire the Gods, to bring them down to the sacred place.

How the Viking Horn Connected with their Culture

It is believed that Viking horns were used for many different purposes and in many situations. They served as a symbol of Viking culture and gave its followers a better understanding of the importance of being courageous, tough and fierce. The horns were also seen as symbols of status, power and strength. They were worn in battles to give them a psychological advantage and to motivate the Vikings and make them feel invincible. A Viking warrior would never show fear in battle and would instead give off a feeling of rage, strength and power.

Rituals were also associated with the horns as they were used in religious ceremonies relating to their relationship with Odin. The horns acted as a means of communication for the Vikings. The horns would often be blown to alert the other ships of their presence; for example, if traveling through a dangerous area or approaching land where danger was expected such as warring tribesmen or enemies.

The Viking horn was seen as an important symbol by the Vikings, alongside other objects such as: Swords, Armour, Shields, Spears and Axes. Also during wedding ceremonies, the horns  were an important part of the ceremony. The Vikings did not drink out of a Horn for pleasure, but instead for pure necessity. TheViking Horn Mugs horns were used to drink mead, ale, or water. They would often used to honour guests by pouring drinks into their horns as a sign of friendship.

The Viking Drinking Horns and Today's Society

The Vikings Drinking horns have influences today on our culture in many different ways. The influence of the drinking horns spread to other cultures beyond the Vikings, and today they are also used in other parts of Europe and America. 

TheViking Horn Mugs are very popular with people that are interested in Viking culture. Drinking horns are now used for ceremonial purposes and are also used in the Viking themed weddings and special occasions. The horns are seen as symbols of Viking culture and the horn symbolism is even included on some modern Viking fashion.

To add more to the excitement of the Viking Horn Mug, we can also engrave the rim of the cup with names, initials and messages. These decorations add a personal touch to these drinking horns and make them even more meaningful.



The Viking Horns really were an important part of Viking culture. They showed people's strength, power and toughness in battle. The horns also represented status, bravery and courage as well as showing off their knowledge and understanding of Norse Gods. 

Although the Vikings used horns for many different purposes, they were primarily used to drink water, mead or other drinks. Today's society still uses the Viking drinking horns to present gifts during special occasions or to help celebrate a special occasion but they are also used purely for drinking purposes. 

A Viking cup is an excellent gift for someone that is interested in Viking culture.Alehorn offers a variety of drinking horns in various materials and sizes, that can be engraved with your name, initials, or message.