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        Category: Viking Axe - Norse Axes for Sale

        Viking Axe - Norse Axes for Sale

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        The Viking axe was a very common type of tool and weapon in medieval Scandinavian countries. Vikings used axes it to build ships, houses, carts and other objects as well as used them in a battle. However, the design of battle axes and farm axes were different. Battle axes usually were light and fast so that they can be used for throwing and a speedy attack. Farm axes were relatively bigger as they were used for chopping the wood. Our store provides battle viking axes as well as gift viking axes. Some of the axes can be made as a custom axes by adding your name, initials or any other symbols on a handle or head. All the axes are functional and can be used as a tool.

        Of course you can buy a viking axe here at Viking Warrior! We specialize in hand-forged, hand-carved axes of all kinds, and can ship them dull and sharpened according to your specifications.

        Viking Axe and Norse Axes by Viking Warrior

        viking axeCertain historical axes used by the Norsemen were also called Danish axes, an early type of polearm. The Vikings’ axes are typically made light enough to withstand throwing, crafted with forged heads and hardened edges.

        Other Viking axes were designed for punching through enemy armour or cleaving helms in close combat due to their relatively short cutting edges. The Viking axe was not only used for warfare, serving as a tool on farms and for cutting timber for their Viking ships.

        norse axeWe carry many types of Norse axes, including Danish axes, Viking throwing axes, Mammen axes, bearded axes, and Francisca axes. We also offer Viking replica weapons inspired by the hit show following the life of the legendary Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok.

        Many of our Viking axes feature authentic designs and are fully functional for reenactments.

        How Big Were Viking Axes?

        The size of the hafts (handles) and cutting edge (blades) differed throughout the era of the Vikings. Ax hafts can be 140cm (55 inches), and axe heads vary in size and form. Axe hafts are made of wood. The axe head attaches to the other end of the wood. The cutting edge of the axe heads can be seven to 15cm long (3-6 inches).

        bearded viking axeLater on, the Viking ax heads became bigger. The broad axe can have a cutting edge of 22 to 45cm (9-18 inches). The wider edge made the axe a lethal battle weapon.

        What Was Viking Axe Called in Old Norse?

        Axes were standard battle weapons for the Vikings. Axe translates to “øx” in Old Norse. They call their axes Skeggøx, which translates to “bearded axe.” The Skeggøx is not only used in battle but was also a tool for daily living.

        What Was a Viking Axe Used For?

        The axe is mainly used as a weapon for battle considering the Norsemen colonized and raided on a regular basis. The axe allowed them to hack opponents at a safe distance. Aside from killing enemies, the axe can also be used for woodcutting. The best axe for woodcutting is the Dane axe. It is heavy duty, and it can hack wood easily.

        Where to Buy Viking Axe?

        best viking axeIf you are looking for a battle ready viking axe, your search ends here at Viking Warrior. Not only do we offer museum quality reproductions, but display-worthy works of art. You’ll find none finer in your search for an axe, whether you’re looking simply for axe heads for sale, fully customized and boxed axes for a gift, or other kinds of axe.

        Is Bearded Viking Axe Or Throwing Axe More Authentic?

        buy viking axeNeither is technically more authentic than the other! Small throwing axes and knives were common during the period, as they were easy to carry, easy to hide, and relatively cheap to manufacture. A full-length bearded axe would have been considered a longer arm, and thus likely been used more for pitched and planned battles than sudden bursts of sneak attacks. Warriors may not have carried such formidable weapons on their person all the time.

        Do You Sell A Real Viking Axe?

        real viking axeAt Viking Warrior we strive to sell only the highest quality items. While we do not sell actual antique viking axes, our modern viking axes are forged with original templates in mind. We do use modern techniques to make them, such as modern forge machines to pull metal, polish blades, and ensure metal quality. Using medieval techniques would make these items prohibitively expensive and take many, many days simply for one finished product… and one which might be prone to chipping, warping, or have inclusions, as metallurgy was not very advanced in the Viking era.

        What is the Old Norse Viking Axe Name?

        The old Norse version of the word Axe has several iterations depending on the period of time it was spoken. From Old Norse øxa (“to axe”), from øx (“axe”). However, øksa is also technically correct.

        Are Your Axes Better than the Viking Axe Amazon Varieties?

        viking axe amazonOf course we believe our axes are better than those you will find at Amazon, which while substantially cheaper, are mass-produced often with low quality control. But if you are looking to get an axe, any axe, as cheaply as possible, or as quickly as possible, than Amazon may be the best fit for you.

        Are Hand Forged Viking Axes for Sale the Best Viking Axe?

        That would depend upon your forge master. All axes must be hand-forged to a degree, but truly hand-pulled and hand-formed axes have the possibility of being slightly irregular in their weight or polishing and other factors. The chance of this is far less with an experienced forgemaster and smith. The best thing you can do is convey your expectations and how you intend to use your axe before making a purchase. A competent smith will guide you to the axe type most likely to satisfy your needs, but also start to make the axe with your needs in mind.

        hand forged viking axeDo You Deliver a Functional Viking Axe?

        Some axes we send out polished with a live edge, yes, but others are shipped dull with the expectation that the customer will sharpen them. This is primarily done as a consideration and care to mail carriers and other individuals handling mail.

        We can make a Viking Axe Drawing and Design Custom Axes

        All you need to do is have a detailed drawing of what you want, and be prepared to sit on the phone for a time while we discuss your project. Depending on metal type, finish, style of design, we will give you a custom quote for a special custom axe.

        Where was a Real viking axe found?

        Real replica viking axes, such as those we base our replicas on, are found throughout the British Isles and scandinavia, and have been documented by many museums. Often we look at museum schematics to design the products, not just the present state of the blade. Modern metallurgy can be used to discern patterns in the blade which are difficult to see with the naked eye.