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Nordic Geri & Freki Viking Bracelet Torc Bracelet


Nordic Berserker Bear Viking Bracelet Torc Bracelet. 19cm one size will fit most wrists - can be worn tight or loose. 

  • 19cm long - gently adjust the bend to the shape you need
  • Metal: Steel
    Bears were deeply respected animals in the Viking Age, a tradition that likely hailed from pre-historic animism and warrior initiation rituals of ancient Scandinavia and Finland. 

    The Norse people considered bears sacred animals with incredibly powerful spirits. The berserkers of ancient Germanic communities were great warriors said to wear bearskins when they fought (the word is likely derived from the combined words for bear and shirt), and who, like many other warriors, were said to revere Odin most.

    Berserkers were bodyguards of kings or else numbered among the most fearsome Vikings, and accounts of them claim they were overtaken by fury in battle, roared, bit their shields, and frothed at the mouth, inspiring terror in their opponents. In Viking mythology, even the gods disguise themselves as bears when interacting with mortals.

    Pay homage to the strength of the gods with this bear torc! And remind yourself to represent a bear’s best qualities: be as quick to curiosity as to anger, and when your ire’s roused, throw all your strength into the fight.