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Dragon Knotwork Viking War Axe Pendant Necklace


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This knotwork axe pendant necklace is forged from steel with a steel chain and comes in two chain lengths.
  • Metal: Steel
  • Steel Chain
  • Handcrafted

The axe was a popular weapon choice for the Viking warriors. It was efficient in close combat, and could also be used to chop down trees or split logs. Viking artwork is often adorned with knotwork designs, which may have been inspired by the intricate patterns created when forging an axehead.

Popular examples of Viking axes include the bearded axe and the Dane axe. The bearded axe gets its name from the downward-curving blade, which is said to resemble a beard. This design made it effective for hooking an opponent's shield and pulling it down, exposing their body to a fatal blow.

The Dane axe was larger and heavier than other axes of its time and was wielded with two hands. It was often used to cleave through an enemy's shield and armour, inflicting serious damage.