Premium Linen Viking Pants

These Viking Trousers feature an elastic waistband with pockets as well as a narrowed leg fit that can be adjusted at the knee using a fabric strap, giving a structured and authentic Viking fit. 

  • Comes in Black or Brown
  • Authentic Viking Look
  • Elastic Waistband with Pockets
  • 100% Linen Constructed Cotton-Canvas
  • Care instructions: Machine wash at 30°C.

In the late 8th century Scandinavia, rather than wearing long tunics or robes, men and women began to don a new type of garment that covered only the lower half of the body. These garments were Viking trousers and were tight-fitting and often made of wool or animal skin.

Viking trousers soon became popular among the Norse people, spreading throughout Scandinavia and eventually becoming the standard form of lower bodywear throughout Northern Europe.

Thanks to their durability and comfort, Viking trousers rapidly became one of the most popular articles of clothing in the Scandinavian world. Today, they remain a symbolic part of Scandinavian and Viking culture.

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made in Turkey by Calvina.

Colors and Patterns:

Because most of our clothing and leather products are handmade the color trim may vary from garment to garment. We feel this is a better representation of the Viking Age and prefer to offer you handmade rather than factory garments!

Please Note:

Most clothing is will be shipped to you within 1-2 days.
However a few of our pieces are made to order and in those cases it may be 3-4 weeks before you receive it. 

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Didn’t receive it. Took 3 weeks for them to provide the tracking number and only then said it was lost after complaining. Once offering a refund or a replacement they magically found the tracking numbers and said there was nothing they could do and I had to follow up with the courier. Terrible customer service and wasted me time.

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