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Fenrir Knotwork German Loomed Floor Viking Rug

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This Viking knotwork area rug is the perfect decor addition to any home, cabin, or hut. Featuring beautiful knotwork and dragon symbolism, this rug evokes strength and beauty.

  • Rectangular
  • Comes in 5 sizes
  • Easy to Vacuum
  • 100% polyester

Dragons are often seen as symbols of power and knowledge, and many Norse myths featured dragons prominently. The popularity of dragons during the Viking era can be attributed to their prominence in Norse mythology.

Dragonlore is still apparent in today's society, and they are still seen as wise and strong creatures. Dragons have been featured in many popular pieces of literature and paintings.

A dragon is known for its bravery and fierce fighting fortitude. It is a powerful creature that can help Vikings in battle so the stories say.