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Viking Spear Point with Cross Amulet Necklace

Choose a Length
  • Metal: Steel
  • Available in 50cm or 70cm Length
  • Includes a pendant necklace, a stainless steel chain, and a wooden box

The Norse people were a fierce and courageous tribe that lived during the Viking era. They were known for their long voyages and exploration of new lands. One of the most significant symbols of their culture was the Cross Amulet necklace.

This necklace was believed to bring good luck and protect its wearer from harm. The Cross Amulet was usually made of silver and had images of Norse gods and goddesses engraved on it. It was worn by both men and women.

Similarly, the Gudvangen cross necklace was also a very popular amulet among the Norse people. This necklace was said to be blessed by the gods and would bring its wearer good luck. The Gudvangen cross was usually made of gold and had intricate designs carved into it. It was a very valuable amulet and was often passed down from generation to generation.

Viking jewelry was very important to the Norse people. It was not only a symbol of their culture and beliefs, but it also held a great deal of sentimental value. These amulets were often given as gifts to loved ones and were worn as a sign of protection. The Cross Amulet and the Gudvangen cross were two of the most popular and significant amulets during the Viking era.

On the other hand, the hammer of Thor was also a very popular amulet among the Norse people. This amulet was said to protect its wearer from evil and bring them good luck. It was also a symbol of strength and power.

The Norse people believed that the hammer of Thor would give them the strength to fight and conquer their enemies. The Norse people were a very spiritual and religious people. They believed in many gods and goddesses, and they had a great respect for nature. Their amulets and talismans were a reflection of their beliefs and values.