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Norse Viking symbol of Protector and Strength


Thor's Hammer Jewelry - Mjolnir

Thor’s Hammer of Destruction - Premium Viking Jewelry in Heavy Steel.

Mjolnir (also written Mjöllnir) was both thunder-god Thor’s preferred weapon and the means by which he granted blessings.

As a symbol, it was widely in use during the Viking era, and versions of it were often worn or carried as talismans by the Vikings, who certainly would have wanted to call upon the Norse God's strength, protection, and skill in battle.

Let this Thor’s Hammer of Destruction jewelry inspire you to be as fierce as the wind, fast as the lightning, and strong as the thunder! Live the legend!

What Thor's Hammer Necklaces Mean

The hammer is a symbol of strength and power. Thor is the strongest of the Norse gods, and Mjolnir is a representation of his power. It is said that only Vikings who can lift Mjolnir are worthy of wielding its power.

The Protector

Mjolnir is a powerful weapon that can smash anything in its way. It is said to be able to kill giants, and it has even been used to crush mountains. In one story, Thor uses Mjolnir to create a river by smashing a rock.

Wearing a Viking Thor Necklace symbolizes the wearer's intent to be powerful, tough and unstoppable. Like the Vikings themselves.

Our Thor's Hammer Viking Jewellery

Our Thor Necklace Pendants are available in many different sizes and styles.

We have many pendants that are a replica of the hammer itself, as well as several that feature a steel chain with hammered edges. Most hammer pendants are pure rugged stainless steel though some styles are available with gold plate.

There are plain styles available but many necklaces will bear the mysterious Valknut symbol or the Yggdrasil (Viking Tree of Life).

Thor Gifts

In addition to our pendant necklaces we do offer bracelets and other jewellery in a variety of styles for men and women, as well as T Shirts and authentic Viking clothing and armor.  Buy for yourself or for a special someone who would appreciate Thor gifts.

The Origin of Thor's Hammer Necklace

Thor is the Viking Norse god of thunder and lightning. He is often depicted with a hammer, which is his signature weapon. Our collection of Hammer Pendant necklace jewelry feature replicas of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, on a steel chain. They make a great gift for any fan of Viking times.

In Norse Mythology the hammer, Mjolnir, is said to have been made by the dwarves Brokk and Sindri. It was given to Thor as a gift by the Viking gods. The hammer is said to be able to return to Thor whenever he throws it, and it can always be found if he calls for it.

How Thor Got His Hammer Back

The hammer features in the eddic Viking poem Þrymskviða. In the story recounted in the poem Thor wakes up to find that his hammer has gone. The angry god pulls at his beard in frustration and begins to look for the hammer. Thor speaks to Loki, telling him that he is the only one who knows that his hammer is missing.

Thor and Loki go to the goddess Freyja and Loki borrows her feather cloak. Loki uses it to fly to Jotunheimr, where he finds Þrymr tending his herd.

Þrymr tells Loki he has stolen Thor's hammer. He says that it is buried deep underground and unless Freyja becomes his wife they will never see it again. Loki returns to Asgard to speak with Thor and tells him of Þrymr's theft and conditions.

Thor and Loki ask Freyja to put on a bridal headdress and come with them to Jötunheim. Freyja is so angry at the suggestion that the building trembles, and her necklace, Brisingamen, falls to the ground. She refuses to help.

Eventually Thor and Loki trick Þrymr into thinking they have brought him his bride as requested. As soon as Thor sees the hammer he laughs and kills Þrymr and the other assembled folk.

This is the story of how he got his hammer back

Norse Mythology

There is rich background of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Viking stories and if you are interested in reading more we suggest the following titles:

  • The Norse Myths by Kevin Crossley-Holland
  • The Viking Spirit: An Introduction to Norse Mythology and Religion by Daniel McCoy
  • Norse Mythology for Smart People by Jesse Byock

or for an online resource

  • The Poetic Edda translated by Lee M. Hollander

and movies:

  • Ragnarok
  • Valhalla RIsing
  • Viking

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