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Viking necklace, necklaces, and Viking medallions for sale. When picturing the ancient Vikings, most people don't immediately think of the jewelry they wore. However, the Norsemen and Vikings of old often wore Viking necklaces to distinguish their class, standing, wealth, and place in society. Viking medallions and necklaces were important displays of wealth and even among the poor could help individuals distinguish between freemen and slaves. These fierce warriors and impressive traders would wear fine jewelry gathered from the width and breadth of their travels, and in some cases, wore jewelry that they themselves made.

The most common form of adornment was in necklaces and brooches, and other practical adornments such as finely-wrought belt ends, buttons, etcetera. Viking medallions and pendants were often either small enough to be worn beneath the tunic or large and heavily-wrought enough to be easily seen from a distance, the better to project wealth and status.

Often Viking pendants and other jewellery was graven with the images of familiar animals, the icons of gods and powerful spirits, or else etched with popular runic inscriptions. Though many of our jewelry offerings are made with modern tastes in mind, we try to also capture the essential, Viking spirit in every piece.

Vikings necklaces were worn both by men and by women. They not only served as decoration but were also used as currency. Vikings necklace was made from different materials, including, precious stones, small metal charms and pieces, glass beads, animals’ bones amber, and even resin. Viking necklace was built around metal wire or a natural fiber in different sizes and lengths. They rarely included gems or inset stones, although there were separate pieces of jewelry made of these stones. Pearls, precious stones and crystals were used only by the upper class as the purest class of Vikings created their accessories with glass and amber.

Because Viking jewelry was not only used as decoration but as a currency too, we could say that Vikings wore their wealth.

Viking Necklaces and Viking Medallions

From time to time Viking Warrior will also offer vintage Viking medallions, including actual Viking necklace artifacts. These artifacts and real antiques are priced based on the metal content, age of the piece, weathering of the peace, and other quality factors as appraised by a jeweler partner. Origins and authentications will be offered for these pieces, as well as assessments of their apparent age. Among them may be Viking medals or other non-medallion pieces of jewelry and art which would have been worn as honors in a similar way.

Why Choose Viking Warrior for Viking Necklaces and Medallions?

When you look to buy a Viking medallion necklace, you can be certain that Viking Warrior works to ensure you receive a piece made with high attention to detail and deep devotion to quality. If you ever have a problem with your order, you can remedy issues with a swift email to our support team at

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