Caring for Viking Clothing

Washing Your Viking Clothes

Wool Garments

We suggest taking our wool products to a professional cleaner for the best care.

If you want to wash your wool cape at home, follow these tips:

Hand Wash: Fill a bathtub or large container with cold water and use wool detergent. Don't use a washing machine as it can damage the wool.

Washing: Gently swish the cape in the water for up to 10 minutes. Avoid changing the water temperature too much because it can make the wool tangled.

Drying: After washing, gently press out excess water. Lay the cape flat on a dry towel and roll it up to soak up more water. Then lay it out flat on another dry towel to air dry. Don't hang it because it might stretch.

Color Care: Some colors, especially red, might bleed a little. So, use a colored towel to dry it, not a white one. Also, protect your floor because a few drops of water might drip while drying.

Avoid Sunlight: Don't dry the cape in direct sunlight as it can change the color of the wool.

Taking these steps will help keep your wool clothing clean and in good shape.

Cotton Garments

Avoid Hot Washes and Machines: Washing clothes in hot water can shrink natural fabrics like linen, cotton, or wool. We recommend hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent to keep colors vibrant.

Air Dry Clothes: The best way to dry clothes is by air drying. Avoid putting colored clothes in direct sunlight to prevent colors from fading.

Skip the Dryer: Clothes last longer if you avoid using a tumble dryer. If you must use it, set it to low heat and remove clothes while they're still slightly damp. Cotton and linen may shrink a bit when dried, and frequent drying can wear out clothes faster.

Use Color-safe Detergent: For colored laundry, use detergent made for colors. It's milder than regular detergent and doesn't usually contain bleach, so it keeps colors brighter.

Wash and Iron Inside Out: Turn clothes inside out before washing or ironing. This protects colors and fibers, keeping clothes looking bright and new for longer.