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Viking Clothing

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Viking Costume for Larp, SCA, Re-enactments, and Renfaire

Learn more about historical Viking clothes and Norse clothes with Viking Warrior! We combine legendary clues with archeological evidence to bring you this guide to Viking costumes. Have you ever wondered what kind of clothes were worn by Norsemen in the 7th to 11th centuries? How did they live and function in such a harsh environment long before modern fabrics and designs appeared? Many things are still a mystery and no clear answer can be obtained. However, this article will bring together our knowledge of Viking clothing.

How do we know what it was that the Vikings and Norsemen wore?

Due to the limited archaeological evidence available, we know very little. In most cases, materials and fabrics cannot be held well. When the fragments are recycled, they are usually very small and often damaged.

However, we can also rely on written evidence, such as Nordic Legends. Combined with archaeological evidence, we can reconstruct accurate images of Viking gear, wardrobes, and clothing styles.

Viking Pants For Sale

Another key find is Viking trousers. Their pants were often very loose and gathered about the calves with wrappings.

We have tried to collect an assortment of items to mimic the traditional look of these garments.

Over these pants are usually worn Jorvik boots or Viking toggle boots. These are simplified boots, as many designed in this era, which don't rely on laces to close but horn or leather toggles pulled through simple wide leather loops.

Environmental Impact on Garments During the Viking Age

The environment that the Norse and Vikings lived in was cold, harsh and unforgiving. It was these conditions that naturally affected the type of clothing worn by the Vikings.

The cold and harsh conditions mean that any clothing must keep them warm and protect them from severe weather during the colder months. But they must also be practical and flexible in the daily tasks they must perform.

Generally speaking, it is believed that the Germans in Northern Europe wear the same or very similar clothing to the Vikings.

A distinction must be made between the types of clothes worn by men and the types of clothes worn by women. His clothes are also affected by money and social importance.

Viking Clothes Facts: Viking’s Hierarchical System Used Clothing To Distinguish Rich from Poor

Clothing was a status symbol In the Viking era, there was a social hierarchical system. The person with the highest rank, usually the person with the most silver coins, can get the most beautiful and high-quality clothes.

You might not think that Vikings care too much about fashion, but it is said to have a great influence. First of all, what you wear is to show your status in the community.

The higher your social status, the higher the quality of the clothing and the better the display effect. Second, some Vikings dress to attract the opposite sex.

Colors and patterns

One might think that Vikings' clothing was just for practicality, dull, and boring, to match the usually dark and gray land in which they lived. In fact, experts think they came from that. Many of his clothes are considered bright and colorful.

In addition to black and white, Vikings also have blue, red, yellow and various other colors to choose from. But some colors are more difficult to obtain than others.

In terms of its meaning, one of the most important colors may be red. This is a precious color of prestige and monetary value. It is one of the most expensive colors because it comes from the roots of the craziest plants, which are not native to Scandinavia.

Instead, the Vikings had to trade and trade with other European tribes, thereby increasing their value. Some garments also have intricate patterns.

We can see from the details of items such as weapons and even longships how much Vikings like to decorate things. This shows that clothing is far from simple and ordinary, perhaps in line with social hierarchy or importance.

Viking Shield Maiden Cosplay or Viking Warrior Cosplay Battle Ready?

Shieldmaidens are an inspiration to everyone around them: it is hard not to be inspired by their revered battle capabilities and their ability to be both a protector of their home and a goddess of battle.

She is only bound by her own sense of duty and love for her family and village. It is her right to marry and divorce upon her whim, to follow her heart, to conquer the land, and to defend her honor from those who would insult her.

One thing is very clear – you should not mess with her.   

The Scandinavian mythology evokes an image of fearsome warriors that is not found in every era or nation. As shield maidens, they took on male roles, participating in battles and raids, training to become fighters, and training to become fighters.

There is a certain appeal to this kind of character - it is undeniably empowering to imagine a woman in the Dark Ages growing up in a society with strong women as role models.

The question of whether or not there were female Viking warriors is a hotly debated one, so we have proposed a set of clothing heavily inspired by the tales of Valkyries and the actual existence of Viking women. In our opinion, the shield maiden concept lives on in each of us.   

You will find everything a Viking woman would wear: sturdy linen dresses, jewelry, ornamental weapons, shoes, and shieldmaiden armor to keep you safe.

We do offer some Viking shield maiden clothing and Viking warrior clothing which is perfect for a LARP, cosplay, or wearing to Renfaire or other period events.

While we try to make most of our garments in keeping with period aesthetics, some specific items have more modern features to improve comfort, longevity, or durability. For example, our Norwegian winter boots have modern soles, which are perfect for improved traction and dramatically increase the lifespan of the boot compared to a wholly period-authentic boot.

If you are wondering how to make a shield maiden costume or an authentic Viking warrior costume, and would simply like advice on putting your kit together, please feel free to reach out to us at We are happy to help and provide suggestions even if you aren't shopping with us.

Do you offer Viking clothes males? 

Yes we offer a wide selection of male Viking garments from trousers, leg wraps, tunics, and cloaks, to belts and weapons! Whatever sort of Viking garb you're looking for, you can find it at Viking Warrior.

Do you offer Viking clothing and accessories?

We don't just offer Viking clothing, but many of the accessories which can complete your renfaire, re-enactor, or cosplay outfit. From special, museum-replica jewelry to the fittings associated with everyday life for Vikings, from bone dice to wooden combs, you can find it here! 

Check out our Viking Armor Collection as well!