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        Category: Mjolnir Necklace - Thor's Hammer Necklace for Sale

        Mjolnir Necklace - Thor's Hammer Necklace for Sale

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        thor's hammerDo You Offer an Authentic Mjolnir Pendant?

        Here at Viking Warrior we like to think we offer an incredible selection of Mjolnir necklaces and thors hammer necklaces which are steeped in authenticity and respect for Viking culture. Not only do we offer styles which pay homage to many other figures of Viking Mythology, but we offer them in both replica and modern-designed varieties. When you are looking for a necklace depicting the great hammer, think about what speaks most to you. Do you like modern designs? Is there a second figure you want to honor, such as Jormungandr or Odin? Is there a particular Viking art style you like? Whatever your tastes, we have something in our selection to suit you.

        Do You Know the Mjolnir Necklace and Mjolnir Pendant Meaning?

        MjolnirThor was a god of many things, but in particular he was invoked by warriors heading into battle: he was believed to protect warriors. This is why even now, a thousand years beyond the Vikings, individuals seek to wear a pendant depicting the god of lightning’s fearsome hammer: it is a protective icon steeped in history and symbology.

        Do You Offer Any Thors Amulet Besides Mjolnir?

        We do offer tokens and totems to Thor which are not Mjolnir! If you look in the menu and search by Theme, you will see that there are many options. We even have small Thor icon pendants depicting the god of thunder himself. When you are looking specifically for an amulet, consider what you want its purpose to be and look for something that calls to you.

        thor's hammer necklaceCan I Find a Thor’s Hammer Pendant Without a Necklace?

        Yes, you can! Almost every single necklace you see, if you like the pendant, click on that item. You can buy the pendant separately in almost every case. If you are looking for a specific kind of pendant that you do not see, please feel free to email us or to send a message via the contact form. We are happy to help craft something unique or look for something that fits your vision.

        Do You Have Other Thor Jewellery?

        If you were to go to the menu and search by theme for Thor or Thor’s Hammer, you will see that you can also find rings, bracelets, earrings, and other kinds of jewelry honoring this Norse god. If you do not find what you are looking for, as above, send us a message. We would love to help create something according to your needs and are alright taking on custom requests, and want you to experience the thor’s hammer necklace meaning that will make you feel proud, every day.

        mjolnir necklaceDo You Offer Thor’s Hammer Necklace Wood or Resin?

        We do offer a few non-metal varieties of Thor’s Hammer Necklace for those who suffer allergy for different kinds of metals or would prefer not to wear metal for other reasons. We also offer a bronze mjolnir necklace,  mjolnir necklace silver, silver-plate, and also a few gold mjolnir necklace varieties. Whatever kind of viking necklace you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

        Do You Have Real Antique Mjolnir Pendants?

        If you are looking for a truly ancient mjolnir pendant, a real relic, and something which was actually worn by Vikings and Norsemen in their time, we sometimes offer these real antiquities with help and dating support from a partner jeweler. However, these are far and few in between; we typically have them only in specific seasons and receive bulk lots purchased from antiquities hunters in the UK.

        authentic mjolnir pendantDo You Offer a Marvel Thor’s Hammer Necklace?

        We respect people who are fans of the film version of Thor and hope it inspires their interest in Nordic culture, but are mainly catering to fans of the Norse god from history and mythology. We also respect license holders and it would technically be illegal for us to create a knockoff of the movie hammer to sell without permission from Marvel and their owners, Disney.

        Necklaces and pendants featuring Thor’s hammer necklaces and Mjolnir necklaces. The Viking Warrior Thor line products are designed to impress modern sensibilities and to honor Thor the god of thunder and protector of warriors. It is Thor’s hammer that is the symbolic representation of this power and protection. Whether with a leather Thor hammer bracelet or a more classic Thor’s hammer necklace, it is the blessing of Odin’s son that you offer yourself. We have created models using modern materials such as Mjolnir paracord bracelet, perfect for both a modern look and a more pragmatic purpose for a bushcrafter. If you are looking for an ancient