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Viking Armor - Norse Armor

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Viking Tassets

Looking for Viking armor, Norse armor, or any Nordic Viking Age armor? You've come to the right place! Vikings who could afford to wear armor used helmets, metal armor made of chainmail, and a type of armor called lamellar, which consisted of iron plates sewn together. Lower-status Vikings also used layers of quilted cloth, such as linen or wool, to protect the body during battle.

Viking Armor by Viking Warrior

As for chain mail? A single fragmented but possibly complete mail shirt has been excavated in Scandinavia, from Gjermundbu in Haugsbygd. Scandinavian Viking Age burial customs seems to not favour burial with helmet or mail armour, in contrast to earlier extensive armour burials in Sweden Valsgärde or possibly only a small amount of Vikings could afford it.

Viking Armor Set from Viking Warrior

Probably worn over thick clothing, a mail shirt protected the wearer from being cut, but offered little protection from blunt trauma and stabbing attacks from a sharp point such as that of a spear. The difficulty of obtaining mail armour resided in the fact that it required thousands of interlinked iron rings, each one of which had to be individually riveted together by hand. As a result, mail was very expensive in early medieval Europe, and would likely have been worn by men of status and wealth. Hjortspring boat contained several incomplete suits of mail. The mail worn by Vikings was almost certainly the "four-on-one" type, where four solid (punched or riveted) rings are connected by a single riveted ring. Mail of this type is known as a byrnie from Old Norse Brynjar.

Do You Have Real Viking Armor?

Given the scarcity of archeological evidence for Viking armor and the fact that Vikings on a raid tried to avoid pitched battles, it's possible that mail was primarily worn only by the professional warriors going into battle, such as the Great Heathen Army of the mid-9th century in England or at Harald Hardrada's invasion of Northumbria at the Battle of Fulford in 1066, and wealthy nobles.

Viking Armor for Sale from Viking Warrior

Our complete leather Viking armor was designed for a true Norse warrior. Made from a combination of tough vegetable tanned leather and multiple lamellar type scales from soft leather, allows for mobility and comfort. The embossed designs and antique rivets add a touch of detail to the entire armor. The Viking armor, combines comfort with great looks! In fact, some say it looks so great we should design a Viking armor tattoo... and stay tuned, because we're going to publish one.

Do You Have Viking Armor Female?

Viking Warrior does produce shield maiden armor, and other kinds of armor suitable for female figures. The price of these pieces is more variable than those for men simply because the forms require different sizing. When you're looking for real Viking armor for sale, or Norse armor, this is the place to stop.

Norse Raider Armor

It goes without saying that not everyone lives in cold weather climates, so we also have tried our best to create iterations which are also suitable for hot, or  even tropical weather. These are made with less leather, and lighter materials. We recommend wearing a sweat-wicking underlayer beneath armor if you live in a hot climate and may be in your armor for many hours.