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The Viking compass is a Viking rune device that re-traces their ancient voyages across the North Atlantic Ocean. Archeologists have confirmed that Vikings had no magnetic navigational instruments so where did they get their bearings from?

Vegvísir, meaning 'Wayfinder', was described in chapter 17 of the Icelandic Book of Oddi as "a sign by which those men sail now who have a logical nature". It provides the Vikings with the means of orientating themselves towards distant shores. Some Viking leaders wore it around their neck, while others had it tattooed in Latin letters on their foreheads.

The Viking runic compass looks just like a rune pendant. It has 24 runes inscribed on its surface, some of them being more prominent than others. They are Valknut, Vættraskt and Purskrift – Viking symbols for warriors' staying power in battle, Odin's messengers and protection from the wrath of giants respectively. Some Viking compasses are made of gold-plated bronze for maximum durability. They were also made also as a pendant version or Valknut lanyard necklace which Vikings used to wear across their chests so they could reach it easily..

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