50 Viking Names with Meanings for Boys & Girls

If you want give your baby a name with historical weight and meaning check out our lists below of real Viking names. We have Boy name and Girl name suggestions for your baby, along with their meanings, origins, and other interesting facts. So - what are some cool Viking Names?

What is a Good Name for a Viking Boy?

The Viking Tongue is perfectly suited to rugged, outdoorsy names that would suit an adventurous and active boy as he grows to manhood. From the great warriors of Viking legend to everyday objects and animals, there are plenty of ideas to choose from when it comes to naming him.

  • Aesir – One of the two main groups of Norse gods, headed by Odin.
  • Asgard – The heavenly realm of the Norse gods.
  • Baldr – The god of beauty, innocence, and peace.
  • Bear – A large and ferocious predator, often associated with strength and courage.
  • Bjorn – Meaning “bear” in Scandinavian languages.
  • Bragi – The god of poetry, eloquence, and song.
  • Canute – A Viking king who was renowned for his wisdom and generosity.
  • Fenris – A giant wolf in Norse mythology who was feared by all.
  • Garmr – A monstrous wolf who guarded the entrance to the underworld.
  • Harald – A popular Viking name meaning “commander of an army.”
  • Harrison – A Scandinavian form of Henry, meaning “son of Harry.”
  • Heimdall – The god who guards the entrance to Asgard.
  • Hogan – A Celtic name meaning “youthful.”
  • Hugo – A Scandinavian form of Hugh, meaning “heart, mind, or spirit.”
  • Kodi – Meaning “helpful” or “friendly,” an apt name for a well-behaved dog.
  • Loki – The trickster god of Norse mythology.
  • Magnus – A Latinized form of the Scandinavian name “Magnar,” meaning “great.”
  • Odin – The chief god of the Norse pantheon.
  • Orion – A constellation named after a hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Ragnar – A popular Viking name meaning “judgment of the gods.”
  • Rex – Meaning “king” in Latin, a regal name for a noble lad.
  • Sigurd – A dragon-slaying hero of Norse legend.
  • Thor – The god of thunder, one of the most popular Viking deities.
  • Tyr – The god of war and courage, an excellent name for a strong and fearless boy and man.
  • Ulf – A Scandinavian name meaning “wolf.”
  • Valdar – A Scandinavian form of Waldo, meaning “rule.”

What is a Good Name for a Viking Girl?

As with the male names, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to naming your girl. You could opt for a feminine version of a popular Viking name, or go for something that celebrates nature and the great outdoors.

  • Astrid – A Scandinavian name meaning “divine beauty.”
  • Brynja – A Icelandic name meaning “armor.”
  • Embla – The first woman in Norse mythology, created from a tree.
  • Freya – The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  • Frigg – The chief goddess of the Norse pantheon, and wife of Odin.
  • Freya – The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  • Gunnar – A Scandinavian form of Gunnhild, meaning “battle-maid.”
  • Hilda – A Scandinavian name meaning “battle-woman.”
  • Ingrid – A Scandinavian name meaning “beautiful” or “beloved.”
  • Iris – The goddess of the rainbow in Greek mythology.
  • Jora – A Scandinavian name meaning “earth-worker.”
  • Kara – A Scandinavian name meaning “pure” or “chaste.”
  • Liv – A Scandinavian name meaning “life.”
  • Maja – A Scandinavian name meaning “great.”
  • Nora – A Scandinavian form of Honoria, meaning “woman of honor.”
  • Olivia – A Latinized form of the Scandinavian name “Olaf,” meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”
  • Runa – A Scandinavian name meaning “secret lore.”
  • Sif – The goddess of fertility and harvest in Norse mythology.
  • Signy – A Scandinavian name meaning “new victory.”
  • Sigrid – A Scandinavian name meaning “victory-bringer.”
  • Thora – A Scandinavian form of “Thorgerd,” meaning “Thor’s spear.”
  • Toril – A Scandinavian name meaning “thunder.”
  • Tove – A Scandinavian name meaning “beautiful.”
  • Vala – A Norse goddess who took the form of a hawk.
  • Valkyrie – The name of the female warriors who serve Odin in Norse mythology.

Badass Viking Names

You can’t go wrong with a badass Viking name. These names are perfect for strong and fearless kids who are ready to take on the world.

  • Bjorn – A Scandinavian name meaning “bear.”
  • Brutus – A Latin name meaning “heavy” or “dull-witted.”
  • Diesel – A German name meaning “dynamic.”
  • Fang – Meaning “tooth” in Old Norse, an appropriate name for a dog with a big bite.
  • Grendel – The name of a monstrous creature from Anglo-Saxon legend.
  • Harley – An English name meaning “hare meadow.”
  • Kane – An Irish name meaning “warrior.”
  • Leif – A Scandinavian name meaning “heir” or “descendant.”
  • Maverick – A non-conformist, an individualist, someone who does things their own way.
  • Niko – A Finnish name meaning “victorious.”
  • Rambo – An Americanized version of the name “Rambush,” meaning “wild rose.”
  • Sven – A Scandinavian name meaning “boy.”
  • Thorfinn – A Scandinavian name meaning “Thor’s fair-hair.”
  • Tyson – An English name meaning “firebrand.”

10 Tips for Naming Your Child

  1. Choose a name that has meaning to you.
  2. Consider the meaning of the name and how it may affect your child’s future.
  3. Avoid names that may be difficult to pronounce or spell. Especially avoid mis-spellings of more common names - that will be frustrating for your child in later life.
  4. Avoid names that are too popular, as your child may have difficulty standing out.
  5. Don't choose a name that you think will be "trendy", as fashions in names change over time, and you don't want your child to be stuck with an outdated name.
  6. Do some research on the meaning of the name you are considering. You don't want to choose a name with a negative meaning.
  7. Consider the initials of the name you are considering - you may want to avoid names that spell out words like "DUMB" or "PIG".
  8. Think about the potential nicknames for your child’s name.
  9. Choose a name that you think your child can live up to.
  10. Finally - make sure you and your partner both agree on the name. You don't want there to be any regrets later on.