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Viking Dragon - Ouroboros

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon, frequently found in many religious and spiritual traditions. The name comes from the Greek words ouros (meaning "tail") and Boros (meaning "to devour"), referring to the cyclical nature of the symbol of eating its own tail. TheOuroboros infinity symbol, often depicted as a serpent biting its own tail, is an ancient religious icon depicting the concept of the cyclicality of life, creation, and recreation. The serpent is a globally recognized symbol of wisdom and renewal. It can be found in various forms in ancient Egypt, Greece, India, China, Japan, and countless other cultures as a representation of eternity and immortality

Viking Dragon - Ouroboros in mythology

The Ouroboros is associated with many things in mythology. It was believed to be a dragon that had the ability to renew itself. In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent, is depicted as a gigantic sea serpent that encircles the Midgard (the word "Midgard" meaning; middle-earth or world) and bites its own tail. 

TheOuroboros dragon appears in many ancient mythologies such as Greek, Chinese, Indian, Norse, and Egyptian. It has different meanings in each of these cultures. For example, in Greek, it represents the cycle of life and death, and rebirth. The Ouroboros then is also a symbol of eternity or infinity as well as the unity of all things; this symbolizes the soul or consciousness (the dragon) being reborn through transmigration (consumption by the head) into another creature (snake). The Ouroboros, especially in the Greek sense of cyclical renewal, can also represent the idea of primordial unity related to something existing in or persisting before any beginning with such force or power as if it would last forever.

Nidhogg:  Dragon of  The Dead

In Norse mythology, the Nidhogg is a dragon that dwells among the roots of Yggdrasil. It gnaws at the root of Yggdrasil until it has eaten all the mushrooms. It is known that the Nidhogg was an undead creature, and it is also believed that this dragon was a protector of the dead - hence why it used to gnaw on the root of Yggdrasil, which was considered to be the world tree.

Nidhogg is also believed to be the name used by the dragon that gnaws at the root of the world tree. The Nidhogg is described as a huge dragon with cloven feet, a long tail, and a body covered in scales. Nidhogg is associated with Hænir, also known as "the Devourer."

It is also believed that the dragon was associated with the death of murderers, adulterers, and other wrongdoers. The Vikings believed that the Nidhogg was a powerful creature that brought balance back to the world. 

Dragon Symbol Truth and Courage of Viking Warrior

The Dragon symbol was sacred in Viking mythology. The Vikings believed the dragon symbol possessed such power and strength, and some thought it carried the powers of life and death. The Viking Dragon symbolized truth, courage, wisdom, and honor. The Vikings used the dragon as a tool to display their valor and bravery. 

They also believed that the dragon symbol carried the power of fire, which was believed to be one of the five elements of creation. The dragon symbol was seen on helmets, shields, and weapons. Vikings believed that the dragon symbol was one of the most powerful protection symbols, which warded off evil.

Midgard Serpent Jormungandr Ouroboros Viking Dragon Pendant Necklace Bracelet

The Vikingdragon pendant is one of the most popular Viking jewelry designs.  This pendant is unique because it combines a dragon and a serpent. This pendant is one of the most popular Viking jewelry designs and is perfect for anyone who wants to show their love for the ancient Viking culture. It is an ancient symbol of eternity, infinity, the cyclical nature, and renewal. The Viking dragon pendant is truly powerful, as dragons were believed to possess some of the greatest powers in mythology.

We still see the Ouroboros in both jewelry and artwork today. The  Dragon pendant necklace in  the VikingDragon jewelry collection pays homage to the Viking Dragon. It is a beautiful necklace that showcases carved dragons in an ancient Viking style. 

ThisOuroboros necklacewould be the perfect gift for someone who is interested in Norse history or Vikings. The Dragon pendant is cast in sterling silver, making for a lightweight yet durable and strong pendant. In terms of the symbolism, the Dragon pendant currently  represents rebirth, perpetuity, and eternity. In today's modern world, we humans have a lot to have respect for the Dragon. Not only are they a force to be reckoned with, but they also inspire courage. 

So if you are looking for a beautiful piece of Viking jewelry that pays homage to the dragon, then you are going to want to get this Dragon pendant necklace. It is the perfect gift idea for someone who admires the ancient Vikings and their dragon mythology. It will also make for a wonderful piece of jewelry for anyone who is looking for that special something for a Viking-themed costume.

Why do people choose the Dragon necklace in Viking fashion?

There are many reasons for why people choose dragon jewelry as their  Viking fashion accessory. First, it's because of the symbolism behind the dragon symbol itself, which has been deeply ingrained in our culture for centuries.

In addition, the Viking dragon jewelry pieces are very powerful and can be used to bring good luck and protection. So whether you are looking for bold, beautiful Viking jewelry or something more subtle, there is something for everyone. 

The other reason people choose this type of Viking jewelry is that the dragon looks really cool and fierce in a necklace or pendant form, which makes it the perfect piece of Viking jewelry to wear. 

Most of the time, people who choose thedragon pendantand necklace for Viking fashion accessories are looking for that something different, which will add an extra layer of character to their outfit and will also compliment their unique style.

Viking Dragon -  Ouroboros bracelet

The Viking DragonOuroboros bracelet is one of many Viking Dragon Jewelry pieces that have been created to display the Viking dragon motif. The bracelet itself is made of a durable metal and was cast from sterling silver. It has a bright and clear Dragon pendant attached to the center. The bracelet is a popular choice amongst Viking jewelry collectors as it is not only a quality piece but also a reasonably priced one as well. The Viking Dragon Ouroboros bracelet would also be an interesting gift for collectors to own or for people who have an interest in Vikings and Norse history.

 Viking Dragon ring

The ring is a very common piece of Viking jewelry and greatly influences the otherwise unknown Vikings. The ring’s design is very simple, consisting of two circles that are tied together by a bow which makes it look like two serpents entwining each other. It's believed that the design was inspired by the ancient Norse mythological symbol of an ouroboros. The Vikings would wear this ring as jewelry to bring them luck and good fortune.

TheViking ringhas been found in many different places across the world, both Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon. However, they were most commonly worn by wealthy Vikings. To date, we still see people wearing this type of Viking ring today. The ring's simple design, as well as its long history and symbolism, make it a perfect piece of jewelry for many people.

Viking Dragon - Ouroboros tattoo designs and symbolism

Tattoos are a very ancient form of body art. The Vikings were known to possess the most skilled of tattoo artists. They were well known for their art and often heavily decorated their bodies with tattoos. Although we don't know what each tattoo symbolized, it's believed that Viking men tended to get one or two tattoos on their forearms and chest. At the same time, women tattooed symbols on their arms and hands.

A popular Viking symbol was the Ouroboros, which is a serpent that eats its own tail. The Viking dragon Ouroboros represented eternity and the perpetual renewal of life. This powerful Norse symbol has survived for centuries, which shows how important it was in the Vikings' mythology. The Viking Ouroboros tattoo is a popular choice for many people who are looking for a unique tattoo to add to their collection.

TheOuroboros dragon is also a popular tattooing motif used by many individuals today. It symbolizes the unity of life, death, and renewal. Furthermore, it was believed that this same symbol would provide true protection against evil forces, as they are believed to possess no power to harm you as long as you wear this powerful Nordic symbol around your wrist or neck. 


The  Viking dragon has been a very powerful symbol in many cultures and is still a very popular symbol today. It’s believed that it will continue to be a popular theme in the future as well. The type of jewelry you choose to wear, whether it’s a VikingDragon necklace or ring, will usually reflect your personality. If you are going to wear the Viking dragon Ouroboros tattoo, it will not only show your commitment to Norse mythology but also show your appreciation for its symbolism.