Viking Wedding 1


At a minimum you will need a Tunic, Pants and Belt plus a pair of shoes or boots that will pass as authentic.  Optionally add a few special pieces to really stand out.

Often the groom and leading men will buy matching outfits, which give a great Clan look to the ceremony.   We agree this is the best thing to do, especially when the rest of the wedding party wears a mixture of different clothing.

The MOST Important Item will be the tunic.  We offer both elaborate and plainer tunics. The Groom and leading men will often wear matching elaborate tunics and guests wear a mixture of styles.

Pants should be authentic but are half hidden under most tunics, so we recommend to save here by buying plain styles rather than very expensive pants.

A Belt is essential wear with your tunic. It gives it shape and style and allows you to hang sword, horn, bag and other accessories.

Whatever you choose we will do everything we can to help outfit you for the special day. If you need any help at all please contact Chrissy  at