Hand-Forged Viking Cutlery


Cutlery set, handmade with traditional techniques. These utensils are perfect for everyday life at camp. This set is composed of a knife, fork, and spoon. Each set may be slightly different from that shown here, as they are hand made.

Approximated measurements: 

  • Length knife: 24 cm
  •  Length fork: 24 cm 
  • Length spoon: 21 cm
  • Each Piece Of This Medieval Cutlery Set Is 7.25 Inches In Overall Length 

Legal note This item is a historical reproduction, of which only a few units are manufactured and sold. A certification by food law authorities would be economically unfeasible. For this reason, we must inform you that this article is considered an accessory and is not treated or certified for use in food preparation.: 

Forged: This Viking Utensil Set Is Completely Hand-Forged From A Quality Carbon Steel. Treated To Resist Rust And Corrosion For Long Term Use/Display

Classic: True To The Viking Feasting Utensil Design The Handle Features A Twisted Look Throughout The Handle For An Elegant Accent To The Forged Metal-Look

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