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Hand-woven Cotton Viking Vest With Button

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This hand-woven cotton Viking vest with button is practical and versatile, providing warmth in cooler weather while allowing freedom of movement. It was also easy to take off when needed, which was important for the Vikings who engaged in physical activities such as farming, hunting, and raiding.

This Viking vest is popular among reenactors and historical enthusiasts, who enjoy recreating the clothing and culture of the Viking Age.
  • hand-woven, coarse cotton fabric
  • lined inside
  • Metal buttons at front
  • 100% cotton
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Candice Major
Linen shift, Blue Apron, Designer Belt, Cloak

I needed this in a rush, and even after a mistake on my part Chrissy was still able to get me my items overnight! I must say, the best customer service I’ve received online thus far.
You never know what to expect with quality when ordering online somewhere for the 1st time, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. ALL of the materials were high quality and well made. The wool cloak is insane, and don’t get me started on the woven blue belt! Love love love! Will be my go to shop for sure.
Thank you again Chrissy!

Samuel Smith

The product itself is of a very high quality. And the customer service was amazing. I have and will recommend to many people.

Laura Anhalt
Just what I wanted.

Got this for my nephew's Viking wedding. But I know I'll wear it throughout the summer. It's cotton and can breathe and will be very cool. Comfortable but elegant. Wear it with a belt or no belt for a caftan feel.

Edward Pedersen

Good belt

D Holtz
Viking Tunic

I'm so impressed with this company. The price was reasonable and the quality was beyond my expectations. Shipping was incredibly fast. My wife was so impressed she ordered a dress from them. Look no further than the Viking Warrior for all your needs. Skal.