Viking Rune Futhark Steel Beard Beads

These Futhark Rune Beard Beads have beautiful Futhark inscriptions and include 24 pieces.

  • Metal: Steel
  • Beads Size: 13mm*9mm
  • Hole size: 6mm
  • 24 beads included.

    Runes were first used by the ancient Germanic and Nordic people as a beautiful form of writing. Each rune had a specific meaning and was often used in conjunction with other runes to create the desired impact. Over time, the use of runes spread throughout Europe and eventually became part of many pagan and magical traditions.

    Today, runes are used for a variety of purposes, including divination and spell-working. Many people believe that wearing runes can help to focus and amplify the wearer's own power.

    The Norse people first used the runic alphabet as their means of written communication. Runes functioned as letters but were thought of as much more than that. Each rune was a pictographic symbol of a cosmological idea. Writing a rune in the Viking Age meant to invoke force to which it stood and were usually carved onto stone, wood, bone or any hard surface.

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    Esta Hermann

    Très satisfaite de ces perles emballées avec soin et reçues avec leur pochette textile et leur coffret en bois. De plus, toutes les informations que je cherchais étaient déjà mise à disposition par le vendeur (métal utilisé), c'est parfait !
    J'ai aussi eu à communiquer par messagerie pour d'autres questions et j'ai eu les réponses claires très rapidement.

    Enid Bogisich


    Baron Ruecker

    No comment left

    Lavon Rowe

    Produit conforme à l'annonce, belle finition. très satisfait.

    Columbus Schoen

    Très bon produit