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Scandinavian Wool Leg Wraps - Viking Clothing

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Viking Tunics Size Guide

Viking Tunics Size Guide


These authentic leg wraps are available in 5 different colors and present a beautiful herringbone fabric pattern. 

  • Fabric: HerringBone Wool
  • Length: 96 inches
  • Width: 4 inches wide
  • Quality Reproduction
  • Based on historical sources
  • Comes in pairs
  • Slip-on Closure

Leg wrappings, or winingas, were especially common among the Vikings. They offered warmth during the winter and kept the legs protected.

They also provided compression and support for the calves during work or fighting. They were rolled from the feet to the knees and they also added a layer of cloth to protect the legs from the cold of the hard winter.

Their use was extended from the Viking age all the way to the Medieval age because of their practicality and style.

Please Note: Many of our pieces are made to order and in some cases it may be 3-4 weeks before you receive it. 

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Puddy
Leg Wraps

Long enough but not particularly wide enough but they still do the job nicely.

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