Steel Valsgarde Helm - Viking Helmet Armor

This ornate Viking helmet is handcrafted from steel and brass with a chain mail neck covering.

  • One size fits most adults. 
  • Elegant Seahorse Inscription
  • Forged from Steel and Brass

The Vikings were a fierce people, known for their prowess in battle and their love of exploration. One of the most iconic symbols of Viking culture is the helmet. 

While the exact origins of Viking helmets are unknown, they are believed to have first appeared in the late eighth century. The first recorded use of a Viking helmet was during the Battle of Reford in 780 AD.

Viking helmets were typically made from iron or steel and were often decorated with intricate designs. Some helmets even had horns attached to them, which served both as a symbol of power and as a practical way to deflect enemy blows.

In addition to being practical, Viking helmets were also seen as a status symbol. Wealthy warriors could afford to have their helmets made from the best materials and decorated with the most impressive designs.

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David Shepper
Nice Helmet

Very fine craftsmanship.