Viking Belt Pouch - Historical Viking Clothing

This Viking belt pouch is crafted from full-grain leather and features a polished horn toggle closure.
  • 8.2" x 8.6" Capacity
  • Full-Grain Closure
  • Polished Horn Toggle Closure
  • Color - Dark Brown an Tan - some have a Tan flap and Dark pouch, some are the opposite.

Not only were the Vikings fierce warriors, but they were also master craftsmen. One of the things they were best known for was their hip bags.

First and foremost, it was used to carry supplies and equipment. This was essential for Vikings who often traveled long distances by foot. The waist belt enabled them to carry everything they needed with them, including food, water, and weapons.

In addition to being a practical item, the Viking bag waist belt was also a symbol of status and power. Only the most wealthy Vikings could afford to wear one. It was a mark of distinction and showed that you were someone important.

Colors and Patterns:

Because most of our clothing and leather products are handmade the color trim may vary from garment to garment. We feel this is a better representation of the Viking Age and prefer to offer you handmade rather than factory garments!

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However a few of our pieces are made to order and in those cases it may be 3-4 weeks before you receive it. 

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