Viking Boots - Black Low Cut Lace-Tied.

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These Viking boots are constructed with vegan-friendly leather and are built to last with easy button-up lacing. 
  • Authentic Lace-up design
  • Sturdy Soles: Sole is 1/4" thick and made from hard rubber.
  • Vegan-Friendly Leather

Vikings often wore ankle high boots, which were especially popular among the Scandinavian people during the Viking Age.

These boots were designed to protect the feet from the cold and wet weather conditions of the northern region. They were made of thick durable leather and often times lined with fur for added warmth.

Viking shoes were typically mid-calf to full-calf in length, with a pointed toe and low heel. Although they were initially created for functional purposes, they also don't compromise on design. 

Available in Brown or Black - click here to view.

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Ann Colby
Throw away your other shoes

These boots are supremely comfortable, weatherproof and mud proof. Very easy to clean as well. Anywhere I have to walk, I am wearing these boots…even when I am NOT a Viking!