Viking Horn with Belt Loop and Iron Display Stand

This handmade Viking drinking horn cup comes with a brown leather strap that can be affixed to your belt.

We hope you like the horn you see in our pictures, but please remember that this is an authentically natural hand-crafted product so there will be variations in size, shape and color.  There may also be small natural marks on the horn that our craftsmen decide to leave in the design.

  • Height: 30-35cm
  • Width: 6-9cm
  • Handmade
  • Strap is dark brown leather

What is Included:

  • Horn and a metal stand

Care instructions

No dishwashers, please! Wash with a sponge and soap.
Use for cold drinks only - hot drinks can deform the horn.

Our horns are ethically sourced

Our horns are by-products of the beef industry. Instead of going to waste our craftsmen turn the horns into these beautiful pieces.

Vikings were known for their love of mead, a fermented beverage made from honey and water. While mead was the drink of choice for special occasions, Vikings also drank beer and ale on a daily basis.

These drinks were usually made from barley, as wheat was not widely available in Scandinavia. Vikings also drank milk and buttermilk, although these beverages were not as popular as mead, beer, and ale.

In addition to these fermented drinks, Vikings also consumed plenty of freshwater from rivers and lakes. Water was often boiled before drinking to kill any bacteria that might be present.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sharyn Sullivan

Son-in-law has it as a gift & not heard if he used it or not. You were quick to answer questions, but need to send tracking information and give approximate timeline.

Chris Fansler
Love this thing!

I got my horn in and immediately opened it. I love it. It seems to be fairly strong. I don’t think it’s actual horn though. Seems like some kind of polymer. Still excellent quality though. If you are looking for a nice drinking horn this one definitely seems to be worth it.

Tyler Loomis
Love it!

It so well made and so much fun to drink from!

Joey Haag

Viking Horn Mug Feasting Horn and Belt Loop Decor

Alessandra Lehner

Viking Horn Mug Feasting Horn and Belt Loop Decor