Blue Viking Tunic with Short Sleeves, Embroidered Border

Authentic Blue Viking Tunic: Perfect for Reenactments, LARP, & Viking Festivals

This Authentic Blue Viking Tunic with Border embodies the essence of fierce Norse warriors, with its intricate detailing and rugged design. Crafted from high-quality cotton with short sleeves and elaborate embroidery, it offers durability, comfort, and traditional Viking style. Perfect for reenactments, LARP events, or anyone seeking a historically-inspired garment.

Key Features:

  • Durable and breathable 100% cotton
  • Short sleeves for practicality
  • Embroidered border for authentic Viking detail
  • Classic v-neck and knee-length cut

Shipping Information: This item ships within 1-2 business days from Raleigh, NC.

    Colors and Patterns:

    Because most of our clothing and leather products are handmade the color trim may vary from garment to garment. We feel this is a better representation of the Viking Age and prefer to offer you handmade rather than factory garments!

    Please Note:

    Most clothing is will be shipped to you within 1-2 days.
    However a few of our pieces are made to order and in those cases it may be 3-4 weeks before you receive it. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Justin Long
    Feels and looks great

    Feels and looks great. Quality material and comfortable.


    Love the quality, it’s awesome

    Donald Gerecht
    wonderful tunic

    Beautifully designed and crafted≥ A must for any Viking warrior.


    10/10 experience start to finish, the product fit exactly how I wanted it to, the tunic and belt combo look awesome. I accidentally ordered the wrong size, so I emailed them and they promptly fixed it!! I will order again!

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