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Gold and Steel Viking Fenrir Wolf Futhark Necklace


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This piece is aptly named after the mighty Fenrir, a monstrous beast of Norse mythology. The design is both fearsome and elegant, with a sleek wolf's head crafted from stainless steel. The necklace is strung on a strong link chain and comes in either steel or gold & steel color.

  • Available in Gold or Steel
  • Metal: Steel
  • Steel Chain

According to legend, Odin was able to transform himself into a wolf whenever he wanted. He was also said to be accompanied by two wolves named Freki and Geri.

These wolves were said to represent hunger and thirst, respectively. Odin was known as a fierce warrior, and wolves were said to symbolize his power and strength.

Vikings also wore wolves as symbols of their strength and power. The wolf was considered to be a symbol of bravery and strength, so wearing wolf symbolism was popular to embrace this power in battle.

Freki and Geri were also said to be the defenders of the dead. They were often seen accompanying the Vikings on their final journey to the afterlife.

For men, wolves can be worn as a symbol of power and strength, while for women, can be worn as a symbol of protection.