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Double Dragon Slavic Viking Necklace


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This one-of-a-kind piece is made from rugged leather and gleaming steel. This necklace is perfect for those who want to feel like a powerful dragon slayer or Viking warrior. The dramatic shape of the dragon pendant is sure to turn heads, and the tough strap ensures that this necklace will stand up to any adventure. 

  • Metal: Steel
  • Chain: Braided or Cotton
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The dragons of Slavic mythology have always been a source of fascination for historians and scholars. Many believe that the dragons played a significant role in the culture and spiritual life of the Slavs during the Viking era.

There is evidence to suggest that the dragons were highly regarded by the Slavic people. In many ancient texts, the dragons are described as being powerful and feared creatures. They were often seen as protectors of the Slavic people and their homes.

The dragons also played a significant role in Slavic mythology and folklore. Many stories and poems were written about these creatures. They were often seen as symbols of strength and power.

Similarly, the dragons of Slavic culture were also associated with the sun and fire. In many myths and legends, they were said to be able to control the elements of nature. Dragons were considered to be benevolent creatures that brought good luck and fortune to those who worshiped them.