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Jormungandr Segmented Viking Steel Necklace

Dragons are powerful and feared creatures in many cultures. They're often seen as symbols of strength, courage, and power. The Jormungandr Segmented Viking Steel Necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry that captures the power and mystery of these mythical creatures.

  • Length: 60cm
  • Weight: 194g
  • Stainless Steel

Vikings are often depicted as ferocious warriors who raid communities while cruising the ocean in their longboats. Vikings were also traders, craftsmen, and farmers, in addition to being warriors. The necklace was one of the most unique items of viking jewelry. These necklaces performed a variety of functions: they protected the wearer from injury, symbolized their social standing and rank, and acted as a sort of payment.

The hammer of Thor, an amulet considered to protect the wearer from thunder and lightning, was the most frequent sort of viking necklace. Mjolnir, the valknut, and the Vegvisir were all popular amulets. These amulets were frequently fashioned of iron or metal and had runic inscriptions.

Viking necklaces also symbolized the wearer's social standing and rank. More complex and expensive necklaces, sometimes made of gold or silver, were worn by wealthier vikings. Gemstones, animal bones, and other powerful symbols would be incorporated into these necklaces. Simpler necklaces, often fashioned of leather or bone, were worn by less wealthy vikings.

Finally, viking necklaces served as a form of payment. Necklaces were frequently given as gifts or used to pay for products and services by the wealthier vikings. Viking necklaces have been discovered in graves in some cases, indicating that they were utilized as a type of burial cash.

Viking necklaces, on the other hand, were more than just ornaments; they also had spiritual and cultural importance. These necklaces were a way for the Vikings to communicate with the gods and ensure their safety in this world and the next.

Odin, the gods' chief, was frequently pictured wearing a valknut necklace. This necklace was meant to symbolize his control over life and death. The valknut was also a symbol of rebirth, and was commonly utilized in burial rites.

Another popular viking amulet was the Vegvisir, which was supposed to be a compass that always pointed back home. It became a famous emblem for vikings who were far from home or had lost their path because of this.

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Athena Leuschke
Absolutely stunning piece. The quality is...

Absolutely stunning piece. The quality is fantastic and looks just like the picture or better. I was worried about the strength of the clasp,but its sery sturdy.Arrived quickly. Will buy more from this seller.

Jessi Hartmann
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Lucy Greenfelder
My boyfriend loved this gift so much! The...

My boyfriend loved this gift so much! The shop owners were so nice and helpful! I'm beyond happy with my product

June O'Keefe
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Hunter Schmitt
This bracelet is very well made and it has...

This bracelet is very well made and it has some good weight to it