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Fafnir Gold-Hoarder Viking Ring


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This beautiful ring is made from steel and features a 10mm surface width. Sizes range from 7 to 13, making it suitable for any Viking or Shieldmaiden.

  • Sizes Available: 7-13
  • Metal:  Stainless Steel
  • Surface Width: 10mm

The Vikings were very skilled metalworkers and produced some of the most beautiful jewelry in the world.

One of the most distinctive pieces of Viking jewelry was the ring. Rings were an important part of Viking culture and had a variety of meanings and purposes.

Rings were often given as gifts and were used to symbolize a variety of things. They could be used to show status or wealth or to signify a special relationship. Rings could also be used as talismans and were sometimes inscribed with magical symbols.

Similarly, Viking rings were also used as memorials. A Viking who died in battle would often have a ring buried with him so that he could take it with him to the afterlife.