Viking Dragon Scale Necklace Jormungandr Segmented Steel Necklace

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This is a beautiful hand-cast segmented scale Jörmungandr Midgard Serpent World-Serpent Segmented Necklace forged in steel.

  • Length: 60cm
  • Weight: 193g
  • Metal: Steel

Jörmungandr is a Norse name meaning "huge monster"; he was the middle child of Loki and the giantess Angrboða.

When he was just a young child, Odin saw Jörmungandr and sensed how powerful he would become, and that he, like the rest of Loki's children, would cause Ragnarok. So Odin took Jormungandr and cast him into the deepest part of the sea.

Jörmungandr lived much of his life there, in the cold and dark. He grew so large that he surrounded the Earth and had to grasp his own tail in his jaws to keep his own coils from destroying mountains and vales, whole continents of Midgard.

It is said, too, that the end of the world, in its first great quaking, begins when Jörmungandr releases his tail, and at last decides to leave the ocean where he was cast.

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