Viking Warrior Steel Skull Pendant Necklace

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This Viking Warrior Skull Pendant is forged in steel with a durable chain. It embodies the true ethos and attitude of a Viking Warrior and features detailed helmet, beard, and facial features.

Metal: Steel
Steel Chain: 50cm or 70cm

Viking Warrior Ethos includes:

  • To not be afraid of anything
  • Never let your guard down and trust no one
  • To be vengeful

Viking warriors lived by many codes. They also had warrior states of mind. One code was called the Berserkergang. This was when Vikings would get into berserk rages and lose control of themselves in battle. Another Viking warrior ethos that Vikings lived by was fearlessness.

They would never fear anything. Fear only fueled a Viking's excitement. Another piece of Viking warrior ethos was to not trust anyone. Bonds of trust were forged in battle and Vikings only trusted the Viking warriors they knew would never betray them.

Vikings were vengeful, if someone harmed a Viking's family member, the Viking would seek immediate revenge.

 Both men and women could be Viking warriors. Viking women fought just like their male counterparts.

A Viking valkyrie was a Viking woman who chose who died on the battlefield and decided which Vikings would live or die. Some Vikings were evil, some were benevolent, but most Vikings lived by Viking warrior ethos. Vikings were vengeful and brave, never afraid of anything Vikings would go into battle to fight whoever they needed to fight.

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