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Howling Wolves of Odin Geri and Freki Triskele Knot Viking Ring


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This steel Viking ring features the two wolves: Freki and Geri and is available in either gold or steel.

  • Sizes: 7-13
  • Handcrafted
  • Metal: Steel

Several wolves are exalted (or infamous) in Norse legend: before men were given life and before Odin acquired his two ravens, there were Freki and Geri, two wolves, a female, and a male, to keep him company in the Pantheon of Viking Gods and to keep Midgard under protection.

These two wolves inhabited the world on their travels with Odin.

Legends say that the two wolves nurtured the first humans and acted as both foster parents and teachers.

When Odin created human beings, he told them to learn from Geri and Freki’s values: courage, love, wisdom, and taking care of the members of his pack.