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Steel Viking Ring with Elder Futhark Runes

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This classic Viking ring features Futhark Runes and comes in hand-polished steel, making it ideal for those who appreciate Nordic tradition.

  • Metal: Steel
  • Sizes: 7-13
  • Authentic Rune Inscriptions

Runes were first used by the ancient Germanic and Nordic people as a beautiful form of writing. Each rune had a specific meaning and was often used with other runes to create the desired impact. Over time, the use of runes spread throughout Europe and eventually became part of many pagan and magical traditions.

Today, runes are used for a variety of purposes, including witchcraft and spell-working. Many people believe that wearing runes can help to focus and amplify the wearer's own power.

The Norse people first used the runic alphabet as their means of written communication. Runes functioned as letters but were thought of as much more than that. Each rune was a pictographic symbol of a cosmological idea. Runes in the Viking Age were usually carved onto stone, wood, bone or any hard surface to invoke meaning.